The Project for the New American Century
The U.S. Committee for Hong Kong

Statement in Support of the People of Hong Kong
June 29, 2004

No population has expressed a greater desire for democracy than have the people of Hong Kong, through elections, opinion polls and peaceful demonstrations. No population is more prepared to enjoy the rights and undertake the responsibilities of democracy than the people of Hong Kong.

Far from leading to chaos, as the Chinese government has suggested, democracy will provide Hong Kong with the good governance needed for stability and economic prosperity. Democracy is the only way to ensure freedoms of association, expression, religion and the press.

Over the past few months, Beijing has intervened in Hong Kong's autonomy and curbed its democratic development. It has maligned Hong Kong's democracy activists as "unpatriotic," warned against "foreign interference," and sent Chinese navy vessels to Hong Kong harbor.

As Hong Kong's people prepare to march on July 1, and to vote in partially-democratic elections September 12, we express our support for the democratic rights of Hong Kong's people, including the right to determine their political development.

William Kristol       Dick Thornburgh

Morton Abramowitz       Andrew Y. Au       Maureen Aung-Thwin      

Carolyn Bartholomew      Gary Bauer      Robert Bernstein      

Max Boot      Ellen Bork       Steven C. Clemons      

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Yu Mao-chun